My Aphrodisiac
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2005-10-15 23:53:09 (UTC)

It's been a LONG while...

Ok. So, here it is October 15,2005. And what am I doing?
Smokin' weed and shoppin' too damn much. I feel like I
got money right now. I'm not being practical. I'm fa'
real finna just stop all together now. Shopping that is.
And I really need to stop backtracking with this weed.
And I be drinkin' too damn much. A glass of wine a few
days out of the week is not the biz. Don't wanna repeat
the cycle. Everydamnbody on my dads side of the family
got motha' fuccin' issues. Like deep, hardcore shyt. My
dad was a alcoholic, brother, oldest and middle
sister...too. See, I wanna be different. I want more for
myself. My momz and brother always have had issues with
their weight. I don't wanna be like that. I want to really
take a hold of life before it takes a hold of me. Feel
me? This shyt is crazy yo. My life is fa' real fucced up
right now. More than I realize. And I gotta get back.
Back in perspective. Back being focused. Fa' real yo. I'm
out. This shyt is depressing.

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