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2005-10-15 22:48:42 (UTC)


Inside my mind you’ll find the things that keep me anxious
all the time
In my mind, you’ll find the memories that haunt me
Deep inside my brain you’ll see the things I try so hard
to contain
Within the depths of my mind is every last word sealed in
a box
If you ever decide to you want to know my deepest darkest
I can give you the key and then surrender all of me
If you dare to take a peek, you’ll know all that makes me
In my be mind careful what you do,
Because you’ll find I’m not so different than you
In my mind you’ll find the dreams that keep me in touch
with reality
If you can push through all the thoughts I’ve collected
through the years,
You’ll find the fears that knock relentlessly at my brain

And in my heart you’ll find the same
Inside my heart you will see the things that left me a
broken shard
In my heart you’ll feel the loss
Lost in the chambers of my heart, could you take the
If you can bear the passion of the pain, then you’ll know
how I stay sane
If you could hold your breath for just one moment
You would feel that my heart flutters just like yours
If you can swallow only a bit of my heartache
You’ll find just how much more my still beating heart can
Blood still pulsing through my veins
Thoughts still rushing through my brain
It all must be one in the same