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2005-10-15 22:43:17 (UTC)

Holding On, Letting Go

She’s a door
Could she be the one you’ve been waiting for?

Hold on she’s letting go
One breath one slip
One hesitation and she’s fallen from your fingertips

She’s holding her breath, she’s holding your heart
You have to breathe for her, you have let her take you

So distant and somehow so close you can smell her
How can you find a way to say the things that you need to

She is the key
Could she be everything you want to be?

Hold on she’s letting go
One glance one mistake
One hesitation and now your heart aches

Her eyes are closed, she’s got your soul
You have to see for her, you have to let her make you whole

So unreal yet she is the only one who make you feel alive
How can you tell her that you need her to survive?