slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-10-15 16:45:03 (UTC)

sub diary 14-10-05


up early, dressed and off to my first day at work. lol. it
did feel strange to be going into work as just another
employee. just after i arrived there was a delivery with
name tags in it. i felt official. rosters from main office
as well. the store now opens 7 days a week so i get
different days off each week with only one week end every
third week. i can live with this. i took everyone out for
a drink after work. i was going to do it yesterday but with
closing early my staff prefered to celebrate this afternoon.

i didnt get a chance to contact Master all day. i hope He
is well and not too tired. i know He had a long meeting
today. i also worry about His diet at times as He can be a
typical bachelor at times and eat rather carelessly.

things arent going well with my aunt so my mother has been
very down. it is beginning to effect me as well now. i
feel i am not being a very good person when i am happy
about the direction my life is taking when my aunt is so
sick. my emotions are in turmoil. i am sure Master will
help me when Wwe chat/talk next.

i love You Master,
slave jess. {MJ}