My dreams are nothing but a haze
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2005-10-14 18:23:10 (UTC)

I'm Here

When the world closes in on you
And your mind is full of fear
When your life seems nothing but hopeless
Know that I am here

When you can't see to the perfect future
And can not bare to look upon your past
Remember that I have faith in you
And know that it shall always last

Through times when your heart may be breaking
And your trapped soul is crying from within
Hear me as the voice in your mind
The one refusing to let you give in

If your shouting and no one hears you
Turn and shout at me
If your acting without an audience
I shall be the one to see

And as your life is changing
Other people will move away
Know that I have not left you
For by your side I will forever stay

And these words of mine are to remind you
Through times when you don't recall
When you have forgetten when, how and why
I will still love you after all

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