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2005-10-14 11:56:37 (UTC)


Here's a short summary of what's happened in the past month--

** We bought a car for John, a 2001 Taurus. His truck isn't
that dependable and he needed some reliable transportation
for work.

** I've finished three quilt tops since August. A fourth
just needs the borders and I've cut out all the pieces for a
fifth. I smashed one of my fingers in a doorway and can't
put a thimble on it which means I can't work on the
Snowbound quilt which is still in the frame.

** I spend more time reading and working in the yard and
flower beds.

** Choir practice has begun after the summer break.

** We cancelled our subscription to the newspaper a while
back and I can't say I really miss it. It's not only a cost
cutting move it fits in with my goal to make my home a safe
and peaceful haven from the world.

** It's time for our yearly physicals and I've begun making
those appointments.

** John found the box of Halloween things that had been
missing for four years! Apparently he'd put it upstairs in
his shop and when he went up there to put a box of other
things he found it.

** I've decorated the house for fall.

** My Dad's house and car have been sold and there's really
very little left to do in regard to the estate; hopefully
probate will close in mid-December

** I've decided to go back to graduate school and persue a
master's degree in library science. The only university
that offers this is in Portland and it's actually a distance
learning program through Emporia State University in Kansas.
It will require traveling to Portland (a 200 mile round
trip) every few week-ends for intensive classes as well as
Internet courses. It begins in June and will take two
and-a-half years. I've already sent in my application,
requested my university transcripts be mailed to them,
worked on my resume, and registered to take the Graduate
Record Exam in November

What's coming up for the rest of October--

** My physical is scheduled for next Tuesday morning

** Take photos of the house decorated for fall and put them
up on my webshots page

** Finish the quilt top that needs borders

** A traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is
coming to a nearby town October 21-23 and John and I plan to go

** Continue application process for graduate school.

** Remember to keep the bird feeder filled