Lunactic Scriptures
2005-10-14 07:14:49 (UTC)

Zug Izland: Cracked Tiles - Track 6


life could be better.

We all have goals to obtain. While children in 3rd world
countries have survival as their prize, we here seek
Happiness can be considered a luxury item for survival,
but without it survival can be harder than anything on
And of course, nobody can be happy if their dead. They
wouldn't be anything. They'd just be dead. They might as
well be a busted toaster or some missing puzzle piece.
Nothing man.
Plus there's all this talk bout how if you kill yourself
then nothing good comes outta it in any spiritual belief
you got. Might as well take your chances on life being
happy than take your chances on death being dirt/punished.

anyways i'm outti. talk to y'all later.