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2005-10-14 03:37:10 (UTC)


So Grant's going to Calgary to visit his dad and his
sisters tomorrow night. His sister's coming to pick him up
after he gets off work.

He hasn't talked to them or seen them in like 3 years.
Then all of a sudden afew days ago Kayla and Grant were at
my house and we were playing Mario Party and his sisters
somehow got my number and talked to Grant. He was so
pissed. Atleast I think so. Probably confused and
frustrated. Because why do they all of a sudden wanna see
him now after that long? We think its because they want
something from him. We don't know what but why else?

So yeah. Me and him are talking about this now. He's been
having a tough time with this. Being all stressed out and
whatnot. He missed two days of school. Like yeah. His mom
doesn't want him to go because well he's all she's got.
And apparently Grant's dad is an ass and takes them to
court like every month to try to get custody of Grant only
he knows he can't, so he does it just to keep Grant's mom
broke and ruin their lives. Like what a freaking
URGGGGGGGG. Yeah urrg that's right. Damn you urg! And so

Grant's scared because what if his dad and sisters don't
let him come home? Kayla told him to take extra money for
a bus if they won't drive him. That's a totally good idea.
I said he should bring a friend. Because if he does
nothing incredibly horrible can happen. And they'd have to
take them both home. But Kayla pointed out that that
wasn't a good idea because that would be incredibly
awkward for the friend (Barrett was who Grant was thinking
of taking). So yeah. Now he's not taking a friend which is
probably good. lol and the whole KIDNAP title thing was
because I was like "Even though my idea was stupid it
woulda kinda been good because then they wouldn't beable
to theif you." And then Grant was like "its kidnap." lol.

But he's also scared because what if he likes it there
better and wants to move there. As in to live there. With
his dad. His mom will be so crushed. Not to mention HIS
FRIENDS HERE! But well whatever. I know he'll make a good
decision. And all I want, is to see him happy for once. He
deserves it.

But well I'm gonna go. Kinda sick of thinking. Besides I'm
talking to Grant and Brandy right now. And apparently
Grant likes a new girl from ABJ and he talked to her on
the phone for like 45 minutes tonight. That's what Kayla
was saying anyways after she talked to him on the phone
(the three of us went to see Katies ringette game tonight.
And so yeah. Katies team lost.) Drama drama drama. Oh and
I had a good talk with Jen Oliver today after school.
She's got drama too. High school just SUCKS. Grade 12 was
supposed to be an amazing year. Oh well. Maybe it'll get
better. But everytime things seem to get better, they
somehow get worse.

Life's special. Whoot. Perhaps I'll write tomorrow morning
if I happen to get to school early- which I can never seem
to do. Haha dragging myself outta bed isn't exactly easy
ok people! And it also depends on whether there's a free
computer in the library.

So perhaps tomorrow.
And I'm so psyched. I have my first soccer game of the
indoor season tomorrow night!!!!!!! Last night me and my
dad worked out a MP and we were watching soccer and I just
got so excited. Such a thril. It was amazing. But I know
I'll get so excited and psych myself out before the game
and then I'll feel sick and like I'm gonna throw up and I
probably won't end up playing much. Haha happens to me
every first game. What a dork I am. But yes I'm excited

And tomorrow I get to go to Walmart and buy Jump For


And p.s.- Grant just told me he thinks he's gonna go for
this new chick he likes but he doesn't know yet. I told
him to get to know her good before he does anything and he
said that's his plan. This kinda sucks. Oh well. Damn
life. That's all I have to say.