Proud Mommy
2005-10-13 16:20:42 (UTC)

Sun Through Evening Silks

Sun Through Evening Silks

The evening sank into the sun.
It was round, gentle, blue,
and indigo around the edges.
It moved in like a storm
broken and fragmented
between glittering leaves;
blinding me through my window,
becoming dancing shapes on walls
of angels, and lions, creatures
and Gods with laurel crowns
who spoke of pretty things
that walked upon the clouds.

Now you know its secrets,
so write them in your books.
Spill ink and rip-out pages;
emerge from its fountain;
bless its ground with your footing;
comb its hair with your fingertips;
offer the strands of gold;
to the sky when the two orbs merge
and evening sinks into the sun.

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