Proud Mommy
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2005-10-13 16:14:59 (UTC)

This man

This man
he had a daughter
who I imagined myself as sometimes
she was older, and beautiful
she got married and lived happily
like any princess would
only she chose the wrong suitor

one day
he beat her to death
and tried to kill himself
but failed
he lay there bleeding
while their three year old daughter
screamed in her crib
and the man who lived across the street
heard the news about his beautiful daughter
had a heart attack
and ended up in the hospital
only rooms away from the man that killed her
no one ever told him
that he was so close
they didn't want to upset him

I was 12 when he sold my sanctuary
they killed 17 trees
fit about 8 semi-attached townhouses on that lot
crushed my memories
allowed people to live on my hallowed ground

I mourned my losses
as I looked across the street
and I saw the little girl
that watched her father kill her mother
and realized
that she would never find innocence
or sanctuary
on the land
that belonged to the man
that lived across the street

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