Proud Mommy
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2005-10-13 15:47:12 (UTC)

Tears of Abuse

One tear departs her eye, another rolling down her cheek
"If only tears would fix this," she thinks as she starts
The thought of him, the sound of his name, made her body
Eyes red from crying, she wonders what she did wrong
It takes all her strength to get through the day
She's so young, he's so strong, it's hard for her to
One to many beers, belt in hand, he's on his way
The tears keep coming, drop by the drop
She's never felt so much pain before, it's going to far
He keeps going, and on and on the tears flow, will this
ever stop?
She's got to do something, she can't take it anymore
What did she do to deserve this type of pain?
It's a shame what effects this once nice dad
She likes her time in storms
Where the tears blend with the rain
She's always sitting around crying and feeling sad
She remember when she would say, "Daddy I Love You"
She cries on her tear stained pillow, and decides to end
her pain at last
She prays and prays for her life to be through
She has no hand to grab, no shoulder to cry on
She's falling so fast