Proud Mommy
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2005-10-13 15:26:40 (UTC)

There Is a Love So Certain

There Is a Love So Certain

There is a love so certain
It can underwrite all fears;
A passion so enduring
It abides beneath the years;
A yearning so consuming
It's consumed by its own will
To yearn if need forever
For the one its need might still.

How beautiful the rapture
That sustains those long apart!
The joyful inner union
Of the undivided heart.

How sweet yet sad the music
That conveys such loyalty!
The devastated grace
Of the hope of love to be.

And now the mystic moment
Has arrived, and the reward
For all that time of waiting
Shall be gathered in a word.

And life with utter longing
Shall let down its golden hair
That these two faithful lovers
Find at last their pleasure there.

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