Proud Mommy
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2005-10-13 15:13:25 (UTC)

These Fears

As I cry these silent tears.
As he walks out the door.
Scattered are all my fears.
On the bedroom floor.

I should have seen this coming.
But I chose not to believe.
Now my tears are flowing.
I never thought he would leave.

If I only I had treated him right.
Then maybe he would not have turned to her.
If only I did not turn everything into a fight.
This love he would return.

I drove him away.
I will not lie.
I regret this day.
I feel like I could die.

If I had been more loving.
He would never have doubted.
All those words, all that shoving.
If only my anger had not spouted.

I can not think of this any longer.
If I do I know I will go crazy.
I always pushed myself to be stronger.
I'm seeing things, but it's hazy.