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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-10-13 22:18:29 (UTC)

sub diary 13-10-05


i never thought it would happen. i am unemployed. but only
for one day :). i begin tomorrow as an employee and not as
an employer. i will have to answer to others instead of
others answering to me. this is another step towards my
real time slavedom. some cant understand how someone in
authority can be submissive. it is easy. you just have to
let what is be.

i have chatted with Master this afternoon as at 1 pm the
doors to my store closed and will now reopen tomorrow at 8
sharp as someone elses. He seemed happy to chat with me and
find out what was happening with everything. i have been
told the worse senerio and i have signed the papers to
allow them to remove my tubes if needed. i am on a waiting
list so i cant be sure when i will be operated on. it is
just that now, a waiting game. i have accepted that things
are now in Gods hands. Master has told me that He is there
for me all the way and i know this.

i discussed the feedback i received this week and He has
given me permission to contact these people. my diary is
written for Master but it has really pleased me that i am
having a positive effect on others as well.

i just realised something while writing this entry right
now....Master did not mention anything sexual to me today.
this is not like Master at all. i did ask Master about
something i came upon and He explained it to me. i love the
way Master allows me to ask about things that come to my
mind. for some they dont have a voice but Master encourages
me to have one. He said it is the best way for Him to learn
more about me. i dont feel i abuse this privilege at all.
Master and i have a common respect for each other and
without respect there is not relationship.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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