Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-10-12 20:32:19 (UTC)

Fat Cunt Licker.

Ravon recreated Kade? What's this? Denying it? Again? Wow,
what a dumb bitch!

I went to that counsiler meet thing today. She was the
woman seeing if whether or not I needed counsiling. Well,
their waiting list is six months; Half a year of being

Today, I missed Brennan confronting Ravon. We have an
inside bug, telling us information. It's like some
conspirecy to make us all miserable.

Ravon showed pictures to some girl saying, This is my
freind Kade.

How thick can she be, she would never start it up again,
would she? She can't. No.

But this is what it's looking like.

Susan, if you read this. Ravon isn't the only person you
have! You don't have to stay around her, if you don't want.
She seems dangerous, and it's looking like she's going to
do this again. Just be warned, and think about it. Don't
hang out with her only if you are forced to, believe me you
have other freinds. But it's your choice, I'm not trying to
force you into anything, your life, and such. Just
worried, you were involved in the last one too, I think
almost everyone was. I don't want you hurt. Just consider
options, you know? lol.

Anyhow, Ravon is continueing to use MSN, just has me and
Brennan blocked. Intelligent? No, because now I know she
blocked me.

I made Brennan tell her, that she is to come see me
tomorrow, if not, I call her parents and/or the authorities.

I want an end to this whole fucking ordeal. Either I get
the truth, or she stops. Now. I'm sick of this fuckign

And that retarded fat mother fucker is probably still
reading my diary. Well, if she is, I have a few words.

Go fuck yourself. You aren't devious, smart, cunning,
special or anything you must think you are. Believe me, I
won't give you the satisfaction you mother fucking
obsessive cunt licker. I believe you're nothing but a
problem, and here it ends. Tomorrow. I swear to god if you
vanished off the face of this earth no remourse would be
shed. So do it already. Fat fucker.

If she tells one more lie about me, I won't only breach the
line of suspension, I'll KILL her. Why should I be
punished, day in day out, for HER FUCKING IGNORANCE. Thank