slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-10-12 14:37:12 (UTC)

love my slave , and thanks to kind reply's

Hi my sweet slave jess,
As you give me credit for making you what you are, you
make me happier and more complete, like a slave needs a
Master, A Master needs a slave. Both become one to make
each better and stronger and happier.

I know sale of store and meetings with specialist are
On store you built something up, and your sweat equity and
hardwork made store a sucess and brought interest and
price you recieved.

On specialist, my prayers are with you, you always have my
unconditional love, and full support.....I love you for
you always and what ever is outcome my love is there
always. I am so pleased with you and we will build life
together. Things don't always seem clear , and answers
come later sometimes in life on things like this. But my
main concern always is your health and well being.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master Joel

p.s. to kind reply's thank you both, you both are great

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