2005-10-11 02:27:33 (UTC)

Return of the Hot Young Musician!

So I went back to my hometown for Thanksgiving. So much
for family time. I spent pretty well the whole weekend
hanging out with one of my HYMs. (If this makes no sense
at all, please refer to entry entitled HYMs)

And, partially due to the fact that I live in the city
now, I have this really awesome confidence built up,
because, after all, who cares if I make an ass of myself
in this town? I don't live there.

So I met up with the bass player from my old roommie's
band (entry: Blah) on a pub crawl. OOoooooh. . . So
smitten. Danced pretty well the whole evening through.
Then crashed on the couch at my old place watching a
movie. Honestly, it is the most fun I can ever remember
having in my life, and if that makes me completely lame,
so be it.