Nick's Journal
2005-10-11 02:02:28 (UTC)

The New England Patriots

i hit the bandwagon. i hit it hard. i love the fucking
patriots and i think they will rank amongs the 49ers as one
of the few teams i truly respected (next to the virginia
tech hokies but that's a diff story all by itself). you see
the patriots are a program that just comes out and kicks
ass. so many people hate them (including me for the first 2
years). i thought they were a fluke when they beat the
rams, and i laughed when they barely made it through the
subsequent season. but then i remember one evening i was
driving back to college from home listening to football on
espn radio and it just happened to be the colts vs. the
patriots. this was when peyton manning had had 539
touchdown passes, 30,000 yards and had sex with hot women on
the 50 yd. line during the 4th quarter. he was immortal.
then the patriots destroyed him. they lured him into their
hole and fucked him like crazy. peyton manning was like a
drunk sorority slut who thinks that people actually like her
when all they want is that easy win. peyton manning was
fucked for about 3 hours and 14 minutes. that's when i
decided i really respected the patriots.
then all of a sudden they came all over the 15-1 steelers.
they pulled it out and let it go all over the pa-state.
the they came around and lost it on them in the regular
season this year.
but best of all. tom brady hit the 40 oz. and went off on
marty schottenheimer. now let me ask you this. do you
think that marty wants his precious (ever so fragile)
chargers to face the patriots in the playoffs?
i don't care if they are playing in the chargers home
stadium with fire-spewing dragons who will shoot bullets out
of their anuses and mouthes every time the patriots score,
you know that they'd be fucked.
right now marty has one strategy "keep my team the fuck away
from the patriots". it's no joke. he knows damn well he
can only hope to not face them.
i'm not optimist. as much as i want it the patriots can't
win the superbowl. but i believe that they will kick
someone in the nuts along the way, then give someone else a
run for their money before they bow out. and subsequently
the NFC (yeah, i was the first to say it) will win the super
bowl. but truthfully it will be the patriots 3rd