listen to my silences
2005-10-11 00:07:04 (UTC)

details now...

okay, so about the truck...

it's a 2004 dodge dakota sxt 4x4. ahh!!! i am still way
excited. and it's more than about the truck. it's like
my life is finally coming together. jake has shown me so
much about who i am, who i could be, and who i could have
been. he's shown me that not everyone is how many people
have been to me. and most importantly, he's shown me so
much about faith. he's really brought me back. i may not
be where i was a few years ago. but i'm much closer than
i was last year or the year before. it's amazing. and
that's why it's meant so much that jake has been there for
every important decision i've made in the past year and a
half. i know, you think i'm weird because i'm putting so
much symbolism into a truck. actually, if you think
that's weird, you don't know me.

speaking of people's lives kind of coming together, jamie
has finally done it: developed her own line of clothes.
her website's pretty sweet. jamie-if you email me the
website address, i'll put it on here for people to look
at. anyways, it was pretty neat to see how far she's come
in her life also.

everyone's growing up. and for once, i actually feel like
changing. it's not a threat anymore. it's a welcome
challenge. i'm tired of being stuck in the past. so what
if tomorrow hits me in the face like a brick. it's better
than yesterday plowing into me like a car slamming into
the side of a deer staring blindly in its headlights.

final thought: nothing down but you pay for the rest of
your life