Dust Bunnies
2005-10-10 23:39:46 (UTC)

Found myself being checked out..

Found myself being checked out by the check out lady at
Kroger's yesterday. She was all of 5' 2" but she had to
crawl up on the counter and peer over the edge at the
bottom of my shopping cart while saying, "Anything on the
bottom you forgot?" I couldn't decide if I had struck her
as possibly senile and therefore not trustworthy to
remember, or if I had just struck her as untrustworthy and
dishonest! Either way, I was offended. I've shopped in
the same store in the same small town for over 18 years.
Hello! Don't you know who I am yet??? I always thought I
had an honest face, a face you could trust. God knows
I've had virtual strangers walk up to me and spill their
guts about all kinds of personal and private things that
most people (at least, I) would never talk about. It gave
me pause. It made me ponder. And then I realized that is
the state of the world in which I live. People don't
trust each other. They don't like each other. They only
want to use each other, and they expect the worst from
each other, hence that is exactly what they get. Babe in
the woods that I still am; I expect the best from
everyone. I expect everyone to put forth their best
effort daily, almost minute by minute, because we are made
that way whether the vast majority want to believe it or
not. God made our grain that way, and when we go against
it, we rub ourselves away by trying to be who we are not.
We are God's creation, not the creators. When we learn
who we are, then we can learn who we are meant to be.

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