Ozzie wannabe's
2005-10-10 20:29:08 (UTC)

Ozzies in town

Well, didn't we have fun this weekend!!!!!
Friday was pretty uneventful. we went to oporto & jakes-
said hi to the bouncers (they were quite alright with me
after the drunken episode!). The barman said hello in
jake's but I didn't give the prat the time of day!

Saturday night was a right laugh. We ended up meeting the
ozzies in the new revloution. It was really lovely to see
Phil and Guesty. Su was arseholed & ended up back at their
flat. I woke up at 8am on my sofa, fully clothed!!! I had
no reason to sleep there!!! I had managed to take off my
boots and 1 sock! Most amusing!