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** big feelings in my life**
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2005-10-10 19:18:32 (UTC)

too far away

I feel stupid…I think I’m attracted by a guy who I met at
club in Korea one night. He was Korean American and
visiting his relatives while teaching English at school in
Korea. He talked to me at club when I was drinking with my
friends in front of the air conditioner (we were kinda
tired and taking a break!). He seemed so nice at the first
sight and I thought he was ok so we kinda started self
introduction each other. And we had some beer with all
friends of us and danced all together. Well… I really had
fun that night. We hanged out till the morning, like at
5:30am, after we left the club. He asked me if he could
ask my # when I left them to go back to the dorm (I was
taking a course at Korean university and staying at
dorm ). I said “sure”.. hehe u know I was interested in
him a little though I didn’t forget to be careful with
guys at club. He was sort of my type ;) He was not that
tall though. But his personality seemed really fine. 3days
later I got a call from him and we decided to meet up
alone. But we had been busy those days and finally could
make it after 3days since we talked on the phone though
both of us knew he was leaving for the U.S. soon. We went
to cool bar after a dinner and had a cool talk. There was
a small pool in the bar and we could sit by pool side. u
know the atmosphere was…perfect!! I found that we have
some commons so really understood what he talked about.
And.. found him attractive also. The most shameful thing
was that he had to leave in 2 days. I left him around
12:00 to get back to dorm because I had a curfew. When I
left him he asked me if we could meet up the next day
again. I said “ of course” without hesitation. He said he
would give me a call the next day. Next afternoon I got a
call from him and it seemed it was kinda hard for him to
make time to meet up with me since he had to leave for
America the next day so he had lots of things to do in
Korea. He had many relatives to say good bye. I totally
understood that. Since I’m Korean as well. Anyway finally
he could make time around at 8pm and so we met and had
dinner. Of course I really had a good time that night as
well. It was about 10:30 when we finished dinner. And then
we went to nolebang, karaoke room that Korean ppl love,
and then DVD bang. I’m not a good singer, he said he
neither. I really don’t like karaoke so I didn’t wanna go
but he said “ it would be fun if both of us who are bad at
karaoke go to karaoke!” I said “ NO!!” but yea we did
finally. Well… actually I will not say he was a good
singer I know I was terrible... But when he was singing a
song by eminem it was really cool! I found out he had a
good voice!! Anyway… after that we went to DVD bang to
watch Korean movie “My sassy girl” because I couldn’t
believe he hadn’t seen that yet though he was a Korean! I
hadn’t ever met any Korean who hasn’t seen it yet! So we
decided to watch that together. It was maybe 10th time to
see that for me. But I still like it. We watched a few
films there as a result since I couldn’t go back to my
dorm. We had a good talk during watching movies. Oh, the
last one was “Before sunrise”, my favorite one. But we
really didn’t see that actually… I mean, u know, we were
sort of distracted from…something.. Anyway it’s one of my
favorite films. I like “Before sunset” as well! It was
about 7:30am when we got out of DVD bang if I remember
correctly. He had no time anymore since he was leaving for
the U.S. that morning. So we just exchanged email address
and numbers each other. And we said “bye”.. we had to.. it
was a little bit awkward though. He gave me a call from an
airport and told me that he got a DVD of “My sassy girl”
that way he could remember me. I thought it was really
nice of him. I was glad about that.
Well… we haven’t talked since that, just emailing each
This happening always reminds me of movies “Before
sunrise” and “Before sunset”. I thought that kind of
things in these movies will never happen to me though I
liked them. But.. just happened suddenly.. and I didn’t
hate it. I mean basically I don’t trust guys at clubs.
Mostly they are not my type but… but I was interested in
him. And start having some feelings.. I think I have
learned another side of myself.. but now we are too far

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