Antics of the Young and Random
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2005-10-10 05:25:45 (UTC)

Quotes page seventeen

"Let's create a vaccum in the kitchen so that the hotdog
will harden like a fossil and stay on the ceiling for a
long time."

"And I don't think either of these are it.... I mean, this
website's called 'horny-pregnant-women.com.'"

"Who's happy, light blue, girly bag is that?"

"Live in your circle of feces, play in ours."

"The Magic Syndicate!"

"Oh, God! The Magic Syndicate is in cahoots with the

"Is there something wrong with your face?"

"It'll be like 'Don't leave home without your Magic

"Only Dominick the Donkey can prevent forest fires."

"Gigantic sphincter - it looks good on you."

"Once you pop, you can't stop steaming feces!"

"I just cut my head off and count the rings in my

"You should not have browsed his invintory.... ewwwww! That
sounds really gross!"

"Cassius Curio agree to be my sponsor, but he wants me to
take my clothes off.
I took my clothes off for Cassius Curio and he is now my
sponsor in House Hloolu."

"I am not crapping 17 fece chunks."
"Ew... you're disgusting.

"Terry, why are there shitty shirt chunks--"

"On a rainy day, what would you do?"
"Screw you!"

"i like flowers and butterflies, cheese and beer, puppies
and kittens"

"Algh it tastes like vomit! Newman!"

"Why did she turn naked?"

"He exploded! Now he is doggie chunks!"


"Why does every woman in this show have exaggerated boobs?"

"Sonaring through the night;
they like Ecco when he pees!"

"Teach me how to shoot lasers from my eyes."
"................................................... Are
you calling me a Powerpuff Girl?"

"Smoke that, you flute-weilding character."

"I am Moonstone, and this is Smooth Pebble."

"I don't need your help to squish things."

"You shall henceforth be called the Potato Giver."

"I wonder how you say Death Star... in French."

"I wonder how you say Death Star in Japanese. Then you can


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