Antics of the Young and Random
2005-10-10 05:22:45 (UTC)

Quotes page sixteen

"It's like that stupid 'Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm' song."
"You mean that one by Hanson?"
"No, that was 'Mmbop'."

"Does John shit himself on a regular
basis? ................ it says... 'Oh, snap!'....."

"Oh, well... the older brother went solo, and he sounds
like a man now!"

"They're gonna get it on *puts CD on other CD* oh, baby..
oh baby."

"You hocked a loogie on your leg didn't you!"

"How am I supposed to live withou--"
"I dunno, hair boy."

"God, M&M commercials are getting so freakin' violent."

"It's reverse-lesbian-Michael Jackson."

"Did you just give my PS2 a blowjob?"

"My leg was swollen like a cock."

"You're propositioning my sister."

"Hard humpage..."
".. That's nasty."
"I don't think my ass can handle it."

"That's DBZ speech for: I'm gonna huntcha down and give you
a big ol' spankin' hehe!"

"They're gonna smack you around with some cutlets!"

"He inhaled the Dragonballs!"

"He inhaled those balls and they gave him indigestion."

"He has strange extra nipples.... like Michael Jackson."
"He's got 7 balls!"

"And then you can have Huggies flying around when you
shoot 'em! Huggiiiieess! Flying Huggiiieeess!"

"I've seen some strange urinals today."

"Is that a birthday cake in a urinal!?"

"Heheh Roni Douche."

"You're not a hamburger!"

"Stack Daddy... Beefasaurus Rex."
"I bet you want a Beefaurus Rex."
"Stack Daddy!"

"Let Roni Douche help you..................... Roni Douche
is confidential."

"Watch out for that baby. His diaper's about to

"That's a huge zit. It's like a dick on her head!"

"Oh my God. It's a fried chicken sundae."

"I'll give you a black eye with just my boob."

"I wonder how many pizza's she's getting....... 'More than

"Frodo, I don't think we're in the Shire anymore."

"Why are, like, one-tenth of the things you say burped?"