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2005-10-10 02:33:44 (UTC)

The big 300...and to kick it off, a juicy story

A friend of mine once sent me a post card with a picture
of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back
it said, "Wish you were here."
Steven Wright

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid
of widths.
Steven Wright

Another weekend was spent with my sweet Arturo. Well, this
time I came to him. Friday was spent taking care of
business, it was real hecitc and I don't like to think
back on it until practically the last two hours of the
day. That was unbelievable.

I ended up there at about 10:00 since he was volunteering
till that time scaring kids for his car organization. So
we get there and he's a little upset about his day and
he's in the kitchen telling me about it while I'm on the
sofa just listening to him and thinking: Man, I just wanna
hold him and say it's okay hun. But when I told him to
come to me, he said no, not yet, he's still really
agitated and has to cool off. What is it about men?
Whenever they're like that I wanna get close and make it
better but all they want is for me to keep my distance at
that point.

I just kept thinking... He looks real cute. LOL what a
cutie. Well when he was done talking, and I was done
listening we went to blockbuster and picked up The Lords
of Dogtown. He wanted to see it. I wanted to see it back
then too, but never got around to it. It was real nice. I
bought him a Bakers Square Brownie Pie so we had some of
that. I think he had some wine, I had a pepsi, and we
snuggled up to watch that. Not exactly a romantic movie
but meh. He had these 4 green candles on the tv so he lit
those we were under his blanket, his weights were right by
the sofa. (He's such a guy, I kinda like that.)

So we ate the brownies and layed down. Not even 2 minutes
and he was kinda kissing my neck and reaching for the ear.
Then he did it again so I just turned my head and kissed
him. That was a stretch. But after just one kiss he turned
me around to face him. I love it when guys take charge
like that. And not just half ass it, but really just
handle a gal like that. It's not like I was gonna stop
him. So we hardly go at it 2 or 3 minutes on the caoch
when he sits up, and I'm on him still, and were still
kissing. Then he gets up while still kissing me, I've got
the blanket on my back, and under my feet, trying to walk
backwards through the weight set, didn't quite work. I
almost tripped and if it weren't for him catching me, we
would have both gone down and hit our heads against the
wall. But he's got good control. Gotta love those army men.

Well anyway, we stop for just 2 seconds so that we can not
trip and get the weights and the blanket from under our
feet. Then he keeps kissing me while we make our way to
thether room. He lowers himself with me on to the bed
while were making out, that feels so nice. To have someone
else have total control of you like that and it is feeling
so good. :0) yum!

We go at it for so long. Man this was awesome. It almost
seemed as though he loves to please. He's found some of my
spots, like ears, neck, tummy and visits them often.
There's a few he still doesn't know of, but he's good.

I'm getting the idea that maybe I really am not that good
at this. I mean I've gotten compliments on the kisses
before from different guys, and I didn't ask for them. But
the whole hands thing, and my legs are just idle. I hardly
move my legs now cause I don't want to have this turn into
grinding and it almost seems like it will if I only move
my legs. My hands though, I'm guessing I'm not too good
with that since he was directing me where to touch him.
I'm like damn, I can't be that oblivious. Even the
pressure, he was showing me how. I do believe he likes it
when I squeeze his chest pretty hard. And not through his
shirt, but to go under and actually just get him. Okay, I
did that, applied the same pressure to his back, I figure
it's just a matter of pressure. Kinda like a massage. I
know he likes when I stroke my fingers through the back of
his head, cause if I do that just at the right time he
gets more intense, and oh yea, I love that.

I'm guessing he likes being on me, but I'm not sure, cause
if I'm on him for too long he brings me next to him. I'm
still trying to figure out if he has a preference, top or
bottom. I suggest we get into our pijamas. We do, and soon
enough were back in bed. He's got his red boxer shorts on
(which I notice the next day, turns out he was a boxer for
a while. One more reason why I like him, and one more
reason for his fists to be the size they are.) :0) I love
his hands...THEIR HUGE!!!

Well, anyway, we go at it again. I think it's kinda funny,
both are pj's are red colors. lol. Well yeah, once he
guides me again to under his shirt I just get it off of
him next time, and I'm hoping I'll do it well, not like a
rookie, or something uncomfortable. Well, I don't know
when we stopped, but...eventually...yeah, eventually we

Before that happened though I had a feeling that he might
of been testing his boundaries, sometimes he gets his
hands down from my head and goes straight down touching my
boob, which I don't mind, but I do mind. I don't care if
he touches my ass. But this is where I draw the line, just
sometimes I don't make it in time to get him away from
there. I really keep myself caged when it comes to doing
anything like that with him cause I'm not gonna let it get
out of hand this time. No more grinding unless I'm ready
to go all the way and I don't even know if that will ever
be with him. The subject of us as a couple did not come up
this weekend....Yeah I think he does like to be on top.
Which is fine cause I love it when he's on top. ;0)

We end up going to sleep, and I love when we just sleep,
he's got such a firm grip around me, we're so close, it
feels so right and so nice. Before I didn't know how
people can sleep so close to each other and enjoy it, and
not have their limbs go to sleep, but it is very managable
with this guy.

We wake up the next morning, he still feels like sleeping
and I don't. I get up and ask him if he minds If I use the
shower. Once I'm in there he starts walking around making
the bed. I get out and we finish watching the rest of the

He needed to see him ma for a sec to return something.
Then got bad news about his aunt that lives near 18th
street in cicero so he had to see her. So I thought it's
pointless for me to stay. We made out on the couch before
we left. Then he again did that thing where he layed me on
the floor. I love that. He's awesome when he does that.

My car got some damage to it from that long trip. I got a
one tire that would go flat at a slow rate, but now it
goes flat at a much faster rate, so fast that it gets all
the way there. Now when I go in reverse there's this noise
going on. I can fix it, but don't know if I should.
Well, that's it for me now, next time we meet it will be
on the same bat time, same bat channel...