Why Me??????
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2005-10-10 01:13:35 (UTC)


hey world.....can you end already?? i swear nothing is
going right with me. for the past what......4 months, shit
has been going wrong and im getting tired of that shit.
everyone and they momma found out about me and rel, so
what, i dont care, but everyone also had a reaction. thats
where the bad part is. everyones reaction was not like i
was expecting. my mother and my father has been really
hard on me. its not like i dont know why, but i wish
things didnt have to be this way. when people look at me
they usually see a lil spoiled brat or soemone that always
gets her way. well i stopped here to tell you that aint
none of that true, cuz if i got my way, then i wouldnt be
in this house right now. but no, my parents "cant trust
me" and call me such a lier. im not gone lie, i only lie
to them because i feel like have to. the things that i
want, is not what they want for me. and if i tell them
whats really going on with me then they are going to blow
it all out of proportion and say "no". i have changed. not
becasue i NEED attetion, but because i want to be happy.
right now i feel like noone cares about me and noone wants
me to be happy and im tired of feeling that way. people
constantly talk about me and call me a hoe and try and get
me down and make me feel bad about myself, but i have to
try to not let them haters get the best of me. i dont care
about the people that dont give a fuck about me, so "f"
them. but let me go, if i find something else to write
about i sure will do so!!!!

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