Mia, the complainer
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2005-10-09 14:47:24 (UTC)

Lots and Lots to say!

Hey! I haven't written in a while and I miss this diary so
So here's a giant update on everythang in my life, kk?

School is goin' great. I absolutely love it!!! This comming
weak is spirit week, and Sat. is homecomming! Yes, I'm
going with JP...tee-hee. AH. I like him so much! It's
weird; he's a perfect gentleman and he's so nice to me. And
normally that would scare me off, but for some reason I'm
not backing down. Go Figure.

I got a part! I got a part! I'm gonna be Serena Katz! She's
a lead and she's got two huge solos!
iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha. If you can't tell by
now, I'm really happy about that.
The role of Nick (Serena's opposite) was double cast, so
that means I get to kiss TWO boys... fun fun fun in the sun
sun sun. ;) I actually have rehearsal later today.

Yes, she is a major part of my life. I hate to say that but
it's true. Acutally, I don't hate to say it but I feel like
I should. Grrr. Well, I've kinda been goin' down the
bulimic road the past few months, but just recently I found
ana again...thank goodness. I was about to go nuts. I don't
know how much I weigh...and I don't wanna know until I can
see my hip bones poppin' out again.

And despite how depresssing that sounds I'm leaving right
now on a happy note! If any of ya'll wanna just drop me a
message that'd be great.

Much luv chicas y chicos,
(Imma try to get back to writin' every day)