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my submissive life
2005-10-08 20:47:24 (UTC)

Lawn Party

Master brought me to a party last weekend for a little
fun. It was, well, a very interesting and unique affair.
All the attendees were top-bottom couples. And all the
entertainment was premised on the dom-sub relationships.

The first game was by far the most intricately planned.
First I should mention the party was at a huge estate with
lot of ground to play on. The first game was called “Rats
in a Maze.” You can guess who were the “rats.”

Each sub was blindfolded and bound with her hands behind
her back, naked. We were then put into the life-sized
maze through various entrances. There was only one exit.
We each had an earpiece so we could hear directions from
our respective Masters, who had a bird’s-eye view of the
maze from the bleachers. You might be inclined to think
the purpose was simply to find the exit the fastest –
you’d be wrong. The maze was fully of perils and the
purpose was to avoid the perils while finding the exit.
I’ll elaborate.

If we didn’t listen closely enough to our Masters’
instructions (or even if we did but Master was having some
fun too), we’d run into the following obstacles –
1) Sticker/prickly bushes
2) An electrified fence
3) A freezing cold pool of water (don’t worry, it was
only 4 feet deep, the point wasn’t to drown us)
4) A pit of tar followed closely by a pit of feathers
5) A path of sharp stones/gravel (did I mention we
were barefoot?)
6) A pit of burning hot sand
7) A wall of, well, needles (what it sounds like, a
wall with hundreds of pins and needles protruding from it)
8) A waterfall of honey followed closely by several
hills of ants
9) A sort-of car-wash path (you know those things
that spin real fast in a car wash and wash the sides of
your car? Imagine walking through the middle of that but
instead of cloth, the pieces lashing you are leather
10) Cobwebs

Of course, only the first sub to the exit was allowed
out. The rest of us were punished by being left to fend
for ourselves in the maze for another hour. By that time,
I had run into all of the above. The winning sub also got
to each lunch with the doms; the rest of us fought for the
leftovers that were thrown into an empty kiddie-pool.

The next piece of entertainment was a game of Simon Says.
All us sub were lined up in front of the doms. One of
them would yell out “Simon says pull another sub’s hair!”
And we would. If we were caught doing something without
the “Simon says”, we were booted from the game and spent
the duration in a ducking tank. Our Masters had a lot of
fun with this game, watching dozens of subs perform their
command simultaneously and without hesitation. Simon said
some of the following:
1) Smack another sub’s ass
2) Moo like a cow
3) Lick another sub’s pussy
4) Smack you own face
5) Twist another sub’s nipple
6) Make your tits bounce
7) Squeal like a pig
8) Stick your finger up another sub’s ass
9) Bite another sub’s tit
10) Masturbate
11) Sniff another sub’s ass
12) Hump a tree
13) Make another sub scream

I lasted until close to the end and only had to spend 10
minutes in the dunking tank. Of course the winning sub
got to be Simon for a just a little while as her prize.
She had us dance in a conga line while using one hand to
pinch the nipple of the slave to our right while using the
other hand to pinch the clit of the slave to our left.
The goal being to get the other subs to cry out while not
crying ourselves. After 5 minutes the subs who cried got
spanked by the ones who didn’t. I’m embarrassed to say I
fell into the former category.

To end the day was an auction. No, we were not being
auctioned off; but our instruments of doom were. Each
Master got to bid on how his slave would spend the final 2
hours of the party. The auctioned items included:
1) On old-fashioned stretching machine
2) A whipping station (4 foot leather whip)
3) A paddling station (2 foot wooden paddle)
4) A caning station (3 foot long bamboo whip)
5) A tickling station
6) The dunking booth
7) Fire ants
8) Figging
9) Suspended by tits
10) Electro torture to nipples
11) Electro torture to cunt
12) Electro torture to asshole
13) Standing on a case of glass bottles
14) Chinese water torture
15) Drinking water torture (funnel in mouth and
gallons of water poured down throat)
16) Piss torture (catheter of above-slave held in
17) Tarred and feathered
18) Riding the wooden pony
19) Stocks
20) Arousal and denial (aroused almost to point of
climax then denied, over and over again)
21) Beast of burden (harnessed to heavy wagon and
forced to crawl pulling wagon behind)
22) Enemas (various kinds)
23) Weights (suspended from nipples, clit, and pussy
24) Hog-tied
25) Orgasm torture (not a moments rest)
26) Sitting on ice
27) Stinging nettles
28) Hot wax
29) Mummification
30) Anal/vaginal stretching

The Masters did not have to waste their time administering
the torture. The host of the party had servants for
that. The Masters were free to mingle and watch us
suffer, which suited them just fine. As for me, I guess I
pissed Master off by not doing better during the earlier
games, because I spent those last 2 hours experiencing
some of the most painful enemas ever. Apparently our host
had done a lot of research on which mixtures would cause
the most cramping and bloating. Master had me keep a
mental list of which ones hurt the most. He said I would
experience them again next time I displeased him. Lucky