The Moth Diaries, Poetry
2005-10-08 19:52:53 (UTC)

Poem 83- Your Tears of Blood

ive got to go away,
and i know you'll cry tears of blood,
and i know it will hurt so much that you cant
breath, i know what im doing to you.
but you always knew it, dont play the fool-
you knew id leave, knew id get my final call.
its like a theatre, we all get our curtain call.

this is it, this is the end- i cant stay
we hurt too much to stay...
i know you'll carve deep groves into those wrists,
i know you'll sit in a darkend bedroom listening
to those sad ole' songs, emotional songs,
i know how much this will cause pain.

kiss my cheek, tell me it cant be over
bend me to staying within this world so young-
living with you and inside myself.
cry those tears of blood onto my face,
dripping from my eyes.
i know how much this will hurt.

© Lucy Griffin Oct05

oh man this is a fucked fucked fucked up poem!!
-infulences: zeppelin and a girl filled with hatred.
-meanings: metaphors for leaving a relationship,
or something else?
or both..