Problems; But life will go on.
2005-10-07 18:36:29 (UTC)

New Life

It has really been a long time since i have written.. maybe
some time soon i'll read what i wrote before... i dont
know. I have so much to write about, and i will soon. I
hope. that is when i get around to it. Great stuff. But i
just needed to get this off my chest.

Wow.. I'm sitting in my work study eating lunch, like i do
almost everyday.. yet today i forgot to bring homework. It
kinda sucks cause now i have to find random stuff to do for
an hour when i should be doing homework but what ever. I
have decided that i hate using anything other then the
period (.) So therefore i wont. Life is about the same here
at Augie. Yet things are getting better everyday... as far
as homesickness goes anyways. I was just thinking and
realized that i have changed a lot since i got here. May
things that seemed important when i came here dont anymore,
and other things that weren't important are now very
important. I notice in myself when im with people here that
i act different. It gets me wondering if how i acted in
High School was the real me. Or if how i'm acting now is
the real me... Maybe people just change i suppose. I dont
know. I feel that the people that knew me in high school
wouldn't reconize me here. Although i also have noticed
that when i go back to Lead i start acting how i did in
high school. That would mean that nobody there couldn't
comment on this nor people here because they didn't know me
then. Meaning i have to figure it out by myself. But since
being here i have learned how to be relient on only
myself... nobody else can help me... most of the time. But
that is life.

So i got into a worship band thing that travels around the
area once a month and runs the worship service. That is
very exciting.. mostly because that is what i have always
wanted to do... atleast since 6th grade or so. But the only
problem is that tonight we have training from 5-10.... That
is a long time... i dont know when i'm even going to eat
dinner!!! but oh well. I was going to write more but now i
have "work" to do. Until later.

(I didn't really care about spelling and any other stuff
like that... if you dont like it oh well.)