slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-10-08 00:18:50 (UTC)

sub diary 07-10-05


i went into work today but was feeling so lousy that i came
home again. i have alot of work ahead. i will not get a day
off now until hand over then i will be rostered like any
other employee. no more taking early marks to spend time
with Master. this saddens me so much. i feel i am slipping
away from Him but i know i am not and that this will make
the bond Wwe have infact stronger. the time Wwe have
together will be even more special though limited. my
mother had a fall so i had to take her to the doctors so
while i was out i rang Master from a public phone box for a
talk. i just love to talk with Master no matter what it
contains. i had to leave after about 20minutes as someone
else wished to use phone. Master was a little naughty
saying things to me while i was in public but i handle them

when i got home Master and i were able to chat online and
Wwe tried voice chat as well but it kept going funny. we
sounded like mice. lol. my mother was laying down but
Master felt that i needed some kind of session as i was so
tense. online sessions arent as good as phone and not even
mentioning compared to real time. but it is the best Wwe
had at the time. He asked me to be very quiet so as not
draw attention to myself. it didnt take long for Master to
bring me to orgasm. i begged only 2 times then permission
given. the tension flowed good then as i
continued to ride the last of the wave Master commanded
that i keep rubbing my clit then quickly it peaked again
with me pleading. permission given without delay this time.
Master knows me so well in this way as He understands that
i can hold back cumming the 1st time but sequential ones i
have little control over. maybe He will teach me to do this
i real time soon. my orgasms were powerful and i felt like
a feather floating back to earth in Master warm glow.

i love my Master so much and i feel i dont tell Him enough
how He has changed my life. he has filled that void that
nobody else has ever came close to. there is someone for
everyone out there it is just luck and divine intervention
that lets you find each other. some are unfortunate to
never manage it but i am one of the lucky ones as i know i
have found mine. someone once told me that You have to
kiss alot of toads before your prince comes. well i have
kissed my fair amount in the past. i will never have to

my heart is spilling over with the love i have for my Master

slave jess {MJ} "luckiest slave alive."

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