Nick's Journal
2005-10-07 02:53:34 (UTC)

You know what's sad? (Baz Luhrman)

do you guy's remember that 1998 (or maybe 1999) song "wear
sunscreen"? well unfortunately it had a profound impact on
me. i remember it in its entirety all too vividly.
i was driving my volvo stationwagon when i first heard it.
i was dating caroline and i had come back for a spring

my lord.

it taught me some things. it made me confident, as i zoomed
down roads never traveled before and hurtled past people
with whom i hoped to make friendships. what the hell did it
matter to me? why would it have mattered to me at that
time? to be friends with dave to be friends with emily?
as far as i knew this would be the last time i would ever
see them. but when i hung out with them i just felt such
greatness, and it was only through these friends that i
could feel my potential.
this song told me it was alright to feel this imbalance.
the simplistic advice incorporated in this song led me along
my simplistic adolescent ideals.

i felt great. and satisfyingly enough, i feel great now for
the decisions i made. i knew what to let go and what to
pursue only to have to let go of it later on. it is the
wavelength of life as you progess. you lose those closest
to you and gain those that you couldn't imagine anywhere
close to you (say a socialist for example :-) ).

life is crazy and i am just beginning it. hopefully i will
turn 24 soon. but i have no true advice to give other than
drink beer. it makes you feel better. the above 428
entries are just conjectures of my mind. but the above.......
is true.