Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-10-05 21:09:12 (UTC)

When strange things happen.....are you going round the twist?!

I got an email from Paul Manning tonight!!!!!!!! I haven't
heard from him in THREE YEARS!!!!!!! He asked for my number
& said he's gonna call! So we shall see!! How bizarre, how
bizarre!!!!!!! I wonder what he's got to say for himself!!

Another thing that was bizarre that happened tonight. I was
gettin a book for a girl & as I pulled it off the shelf
another book fell to the floor- I picked it up and noticed
the author was "matt haig" (Matt is Haig's first name).....
talking about strange things, something else happened at
the solicitors today too.... I picked up some file to work
on (totally at random) and the top file was Danny's (My ex
from before I went travelling) and his Missus's
remortgage!! tatally freeeeked me out!!

Me and Su are going to walky after work tonight.I finish at
11 so will see if I have any tales tomorrow!!!

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