The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-10-05 20:34:06 (UTC)

I hate them all!

Dear Diary

I'm so depressed. I'm heartbroken. I liked Zac so much it
hurt. I can't tell you everything tat went on cause I
don't trust the world anymore. Just know that we were
gonna be serious. Anywys, he liked me back. We were doing
ok till Tricia found out. Before she left this past
weekend, she wanted NOTHING to do with Zac. She like him.
all she could think about was michael and how she wanted
to date him. Well, Zac and I get really close. Well,
Tricia found out and appearently she didn't like it too
much. She told me and Zac both that it was ok for us to
date then. Then Zac throws a little hissy fit yesterday
and says something about being afraid Tricia wants to get
back together in the future. i got pissed. then Tricia
says something about maybe getting back with him in the
future. Waht the hell! I don't get it. Why does she always
want everyone else to be unhappy if she's not FUCKIN"
happy! I hat her so much! I hate Zac! I hate them all!
they all should die! That' another thing, she told Zac she
watned him to die. Wel, go to hell bithc! You should die!
You're the one with issue! So, now Zac says we should just
be frineds. yeah fuck him! Fuck everybody. I'm so sick and
tired of bieng here and I hate living. No one wants me.
Joey doesn't, Josh doesn't, Zac doesn't. No one does. I
hate that! I hate them! Everybody! I'm so hurt. So fuckin'
hurt. amanda i son my side. She's REALLY pissed at Trcia.
I told her I'm not mad but, when I started typing this I
wasn't. Now that I type it and put my feelings in the
open, I'm so fuckin'g pissed. At them both! Tricia has
somebody. i don't. Why doesn't she let me be happy for
once. hate that! hate them! All of them! Bitches! All of

I'm done now