Crystal Leopard
2005-10-05 09:58:20 (UTC)

Dreaded Day.

Dear D,

A lot of thing are happening in my life, now that I'm a
teenager. Everything sucks exteremly hard! Nothing was as
simple as it used to be, not like it ever was...

I still remember when I was a kid, i would always stay out
at Kiraka's roof, using the ladder that we 'specially'
made. It was always peaceful there and I always go up
to sort out my thought. And still do till this day. I
totally love it there. I'd bring my story book and I'll
write away without my mother or my father or brother
barging in on me and stopping me from writing and that I
have to study for my exams.

I know that my exams are important. And I know that if
they're bad I won't make it in life. BUt I also need time
for myself. A time where it's just me, myself and I. When
wouldn't be interupted by anyone and that no one would
me for fantasizing my dreams.

You know, back then i used to think that the world was my
shell. That as long as I believe in myself I could do
anything in the world, and that everyone would support me.
Guess I was damn wrong, huh...

Now if I think of it, it's nothing but a big mistake. If I
was given the choice or doing my dream it'll be very
limited in this world.

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