Lunactic Scriptures
2005-10-05 08:06:25 (UTC)

Canto VII

pppph... :|

well i'm no longer sad or depressed much. now i'm slimply
bored and tired out my fucking head all the time. i hate
stuff. i nearly flipped out in class tonight. Everything
the teacher was doing was pissing me off. i was pissed off
at myself for being so pissed off.
i had to hold it all in again. the fucking anger and
frustration. I wanted to rip that screen and knock shit
over while crashing the projector out the window. if it
wouldn't of hurt so much i'd probably leap out myself. I
wish i could do shit like that. fall off of buildings and
cliffs and not get hurt or die. that'd be so cool. [yea i
guess i'm a kid at heart]

it sucks so fucking much that bullshit has to happen.
what's worse is that people care about it too much:
What'll people think?
Is it cool anymore?
Will the boy/girl like me back?
I hate my body.
I hate my dick.
I hate myself.
I hate everyone else.
Do i have medical insurance?
Why does war have to happen?
Why do people have to starve in our streets when we got
Poker champs on ESPN betting on 10 grand??
so... much... fucking... bullshit...
blah. so fucking pointless. I wish nothing had to matter
as much.

I'm not saying i have all the answers, but given the
resources and money, i'd help my fare share out.
No fucking mansion for me or 5 2007 Limited Edition
Caddy's on my lot. No fucking fish eggs on my Ritz
Cracker. No VIP entry when i head to a club.
No Wait. fuck that.
I don't even fucking go to clubs. I thinks clubs are
fucking stupid. Nothing more but primal pits for the
shitfilled hoping to spray some on others they think 'aint
Give me Grants, pitcher of rootbeer, sockfull of quarters,
and my homies around and i'll be good till the day i

Also, my car will never break down or need gas
neither. We could cruise for as long as we want and as
fast as we want and never fucking get tired [especially
since priest is a wimp when it comes to motels. i'll rest
my head on my stain filled pillow while he can sleep in
the car. just playin man.]

ok so that last bit was more fantasy, but still guidelines
apply. Simplicity, my friend, is the key to a content
life. Once you start diving into pools of bullshit it gums
up the works.
shit i been talking for to long. it's 105AM and i got
class in the morning. i'll try and get some sleep. wish
class didnt' start till 1pm or somthing. that'd be sweet.