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2005-10-05 03:17:58 (UTC)


Last friday, I got ahold of some amphetamine pills and
adderall. I stayed up from friday at 6am to saterday at
about 7pm.

School is threatening me with a parent/truancy conference
but I intercepted the mail before it could show up. Was a
bitch to get because I had to hide all the keys and nearly
got busted in doing so. I've made up two detentions of
twelve, i'm going to serve one every day possible and it
looks like I should be done on the 19th. I think I might
hide the keys tommorow somewhere in Mikes room and when they
notice it missing, i'll say they were left out on the table.
Then i'll pretend to look around for awhile and than suggest
Mikes room. Then im going to request no working hours from
10 to 3 on Saterday. Then, it should be easy to jack it on
that day.

I feel something coming, I don't know what, good or bad, but
im sure its on its way. I just know it. There is no way to
predict what it is. Drug test, parents get grades,
truancy...But for all I care, they can do all of it if I
gain on good thing....Jessa.

I was talking to lyndsey and I guess she was thinking of
getting back together. Four months almost since we were last
together. It took awhile to be just friends but in the last
month we really have been...But knowing what lyndsey told
me, the friendship is already in shambles because I want
more. I want to be her boyfriend because I care, always said
I have and i've never lied. I just hope if we do end up
going out that I don't end up hurting her but judging by
last time, im the one who should be worried.

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