Autum's Leaves
2005-10-04 02:02:11 (UTC)


And now, the time has rolled around yet again, where I
feel the need to be perfect.

The innocent badass and I went tanning yesterday, got a
pretty wicked bad sunburn, eh. Today, we went to the gym
and worked out. We took this class called Thigh, Butt and
Gut, which was thirty minutes of cardio and thirty minutes
of lower body work outs. The lower stuff was great, I could
have done that for awhile, but the cardio, I thought I was
going to die. I mean die. But it was nice to survive it. I
think we're going to try to get some exercise everyday, but
depending on how we feel tomorrow decideds whether its just
a walk or another class. There's one I'd like to take
tomorrow. But we'll have to see.

I think I'm taking a break from sleeping with guys.
Ionno. We'll have to see, once agian. haha. I really need
to start focusing on school and not watching tv and all
that stuff. I have a psych exam this Friday and tomorrow I
have this sheet due in voice class that I'm not quite sure
how to do AT ALL. Math's been all right, I made an A on my
last test, and I've been getting B's for the majority of
the quizzes, so I think I'll be fine in that class. The
homework today bothered me...I can't figure it out. But
regardless. Tomorrow I think I want to get up and have some
breakfast. I didn't last time like I said I would. Today I
really think it'd be a good idea. I can study in the
morning, do all that good stuff.

Anyways, I already know I'll not want ot get up and my
friend is talking to me so I best be mosying on out.