Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2005-10-03 20:29:48 (UTC)

His Gold....

I'm finally done with going to the dentist for my
teeth jobs. My doctor is so cool though, so I really didn't
mind going all the time. But now after two root canals and
two crowns I'm all done! Today was my final visit and I got
a gold crown this time... its so beautiful I just love it.
I recently bought my new aquarium also. Its bigger than my
fathers' but it keeps me relaxed when I need to be.
Haven't heard from robert at all... I guess maybe he
made some new friends up there or something... I dunno but
it sucks not having enough players for paintball, magic, or
video games. There is nothing I can do though, so I'll just
have to deal with it I guess. I decided to go get a job at
this place called witsons. Its a lumber company, but also I
need to try heimansons - which is a salvage yard. Its not
too bad there either.
But everything seems to be alright. I have a court
date comming up this december for driving without covering
up our load on the truck... which is total bull shit. Those
stinking pigs just pick on my father just because he used
to be a dui offender... they have no idea how much pain and
tears my dad had to go through to be honest hard working
person he is today. He suffered so much and all they want
is to take a shot at him just to put cash in thier damn
pockets. I swear if I had the chance I', well you
know how I am around people like that heheh. Nothing much
else to say really so I'm gonna go. I'll write again
someday after a while...