Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-10-03 19:29:02 (UTC)

"blind" date

Ok, right, this night the sexy/arsehole of a bar man in
jakes took my number (about 4 weeks ago now) Liz and myself
went into oporto first. I kind of remember being in there.
Wekk, the next day I get a text..."still wanno go for that
drink tonight? 'R' x"! As i can remember the bar man's name
was 'I' I knew it wasn't him. I rang liz "WHO THE BLOODY
HELL IS 'R'???????????"! Liz couldn't really remember
either. Me and 'R' exchanged a couple of texts & I gathered
that he was in some kind of band- pretty successful from
the way he was talking. Any how we did arrande to meet up
but he had a meeting with a "band member" so he cancelled &
it never got rearranged. I was quite happy to leave it at
that as I had no idea who he was or what he looked like any
way. Well, a couple of weeks down the line he texts
me "haven't heard from you about that drink. did you still
wanna meet up or just leave it? hope you're well. 'R' x" I
do remember actually saying that I would text him when I
was free. I let curiosity get the better of me so I said I
could meet him on friday night for drinks. I said Tea Time
so that it was ok for me to leave at 9ish (just in case it
was a no go). I made the excuse that I was having my
brother over as he was going home to spain that weekend
(Cheers david!!!!). Prior to the date I took the initiative
to try and do some research on this 'R' character. I
googled him!!! I knew his 1st name, he was in a band &
assumed he live in leeds! well this one particular band
comes up. I check out the pictures & thought that the guy
looked like someone who would go in oporto.... rough hair,
bit of stubble, strangely attractive. I thought I kind of
recognised him... game on, I wonder what he's like?!
Well, Friday comes along and I'm bricking it!!!! I went
home, got ready & made my way into town. I got there early
so I went in & sent him a text to see what he was drinking.
I got the drinks & waited at the end of the bar for him to
arrive. I made sure that me back was facing the door so
that I wasn't looking at every guy that walked in wit a
look of wonder on my face... "is it him? etc". I get this
tap on my ribs, I turn around........OH MY
GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD, It's Rowen Atkinson's son.....
have never wanted to laugh at my self so much...... I never
want to drink again purely based on who I give my god damn
number out to! I'm a god damn liability!! Well, we chatted
for a while. He told me that he's a playwrite & he's is
part of this band. A pretty successful , well to do bloke.
I just wanted to leave but I would've felt so bad. We then
got a table & carried on chatting. He then asked to see me
again this week but I just said I didn't yet know when my
night off is and that I would text him- he seemed too ok
with that. Then when it was towads the end of the evening
the conversation went a bit quiet & he lent over & said "do
you think this is an appropriate time for us to have our
first kiss". Well I nearly died! I wasn't sure if I wanted
to be sick. I was pretty quick actually in my response, I
just said "Ah, soorry. I dont kiss on fist dates". WE left
soon after anyway & went to see my mum & my brother in
their local! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

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