Autum's Leaves
2005-10-03 06:13:35 (UTC)

Fat Bottomed Girls

"Fat bottomed girls
You make the rockin world go round."

So, I'm tired, and yet again, I can't sleep. I think I
do have insomnia. Today I slept for three hours and woke up
wide awake realizing I was in excrutiating pain due to the
awful sunburn today I got at the tanning bed. It felt great
to get back in there though, I love it.

The Innocent badass and myslef are going to the Bahamas.
It's settled. We're booking the trip the end of October,
early November, as soon as I can get the money. It's a
great price, and we're staying ALL of spring break down
there. It's going to be so awesome that I can't even
comprehend it right now.

We're going to work out tomorrow, which if I survive
will be a feat in itself. Have to look remotely good in a
bikini for the Bahamas, although I know it won't stop me
from gorging myself next time I eat. When faced with
impending doom, I seem to just not accept it's presence.

Work...has been interesting. Loved seeing the preppy
fighter again, just because I adore him. He's
confrontational and cocky and arrogant and loves himself
and I love him for it. But I did get bitched out by two
members the other day, which in turn sparked getting
bitched out by both my bosses. It was great. I still
haven't gotten a raise because where I work is so cheap,
although my boss wants to give me one. And things are just
weird. Haha, at least I adore my coworkers.

My The Boarder, I still haven't heard from.
We keep missing each other when we're online. Danny keeps
im-ing me, asking to sleep with me. It's crazy. He's boring
to me, not my type and I'm not interested in him at all. I
came home today and there were nine different pages from
him. Stalkeresque wouldn't you say? But, I haven't gotten
laid in...two weeks. It's a new record for me since I've
been living my friends with benefits way of life.

There's something I want to say...but I can't say it due
to the circumstances at hand...just know I have something
on my mind.

I hate being vauge.

Still have the dorm to myself which is fabulous. School
is still kicking my ass and I'm just going to have to be a
devoted student for awhile, till I get my act together.

But it's late and there are other pressing issues at