Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-10-02 04:51:18 (UTC)

A new "freedom"

Dearest Master,

Time is a precious commodity these days, and
unfortunately, this slave has not made the time to write
in her journal. she knows that she could have found the
time somewhere, just to write a quick message to You,
letting You know her thoughts and feelings, or just to say
she loves You very, very much.

The past week was difficult for U/us, mainly because of
this slave's lack of listening. It's not so much that she
doesn't listen, she just tries to interpret what she is
hearing, and not just taking Your words at face value.
she will not take up valuable time right now, retelling
the past two weeks worth of misdeeds. W/we B/both know
that this slave has done both wrong and right, and the
adjustments that are being made.

Last night was a time of reconnecting, and did W/we ever
make the most of it. W/we spent a lot of time touching,
kissing, dancing T/together, and talking things over.
W/we made pledges and promises to E/each O/other, and W/we
will keep O/our love and O/our relationship on the front
burner at all times. this slave's new job will keep U/us
apart 3 nights out of the week, but she will continue to
serve and be enslaved to You. she promises that she will
make You feel her presence, even when she is not
physically at Your side. this slave loves You so much,
and it is important that You constantly feel that love and

You and this slave made a wonderful discovery on the net
last night. It is just a saw horse, but with a little
padding and the proper restraining devices, it makes an
excellent torture tool to punish/pleasure a naughty/nice
slave. You went out and purchased one today, and this
slave is looking forward to its impending use. It may not
be in use tonight, since W/we are making some changes to
O/our home and some modifications will need to be made.
It's just very exciting to think of how it will be used in
the near and distant future. this slave can hardly wait.
The thought is making her her go weak in the knees and
making her vagina leak.

Speaking of this slave's vagina leaking. Last night, this
slave was allowed to touch herself and give herself
pleasure right up to the very point of orgasm. she kept
stopping herself, as You had not given her permission to
do so, but she kept hoping that as soon as W/we went to
bed, You would give her release. It didn't happen, so
this slave has some left over arousal, as well as
imagining using that saw horse. she will be joining You
soon, and she imagines that tonight will be just as fun as
last night. she is hoping that she night be allowed an
orgasm! If she is not, it will not matter. she knows
that what is important is Your satisfaction, and her own
satisfaction is achieved through You.

You have made a new rule for this slave. she is allowed,
whenever she feels the desire, to ask You for
a "freedom". If You allow her the requested "freedom",
she may get down on her knees and beg You to be allowed to
perform some pleasuring act upon You, such as performing
oral sex on You, requesting that You put Your penis inside
of her anus or vagina, or licking Your anus, etc. The
point of these "freedoms" is not so this slave can have
freedom to serve herself, she is asking for freedom to
serve You in the way that she wants at that particular
time, instead of waiting for You to dictate what
pleasurable act You wish to receive. this slave really
likes this idea. A lot!

this slave is ready to be with You. W/we have worked hard
today on O/our home, trying to turn it into a comfortable
living space that is O/ours, and not someone else's
concept of what O/our home should be. It is coming along,
but will take quite a bit of time before it is truly
everything W/we want it to be.

this slave is signing off now, ready to come into Your
room and satisfy Your desires and needs. she will get on
her knees and present herself to You naked and contrite,
ready for Your firm, yet gentle touch, taking her to new
heights, while keeping her anchored firmly on the ground.
this slave loves You so much Master. Thank You for

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,