Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-10-01 08:51:13 (UTC)

i can't sleep

gah...i hate this. being tired but can't sleep unless in
the daytime when i have shit too do.


obviously i was meant for some sort of night living cuz i
been like this since as early as i can remember.
i'm always readjusting myself for others, well damnit
when can i get mine for once? somethings gotta work for me
out there...wish i had someone too hold right now

_ BAH! fuckit! cant' stand it. -yawn-

i fucking hate all this responsibility bullshit with
school :|

i'm like...tired, but i feel awake. 'grrr' i wanna
like...destroy stuff
like...a building
or a car
LOL man i tottaly wanna run somebody down now. :P

-vroom! vroom! BEEPBEEP! HONK HONK! SPLAT! :D-

gah...i wanna...burn something. it's been a while since i
burnt something
Joel calls me a pyro, but fire's just the small part. I
like watching the thing ...buuuuurn. :) its watching ti
burn and fall apart and stuff thats fun too watch. it's
like TV!
i saw this homevideo of this like 3 story house burnin
down by this crazy guy...god it was beautiful. It was
funny cuz he was sayin like 'See the beauty of my work?
See the power i create?!' and the tv host was like 'this
guy CLEARLY has a screw loose'
and then i started laughing cuz i thought it was cool.
Then friends stared at me. I think Joel actually scared of
me sometimes :P lol. he's sucha goof. -yawn-

i want too dream right now. -sigh- i want too dream and be
with my girl. mmmmmmm...sucha pretty face...i can't wait
too wake up with that face sleeping 3 inches from mine.


i'm gona drink a class of water then hopefully the water
will have majik sleepsleep bubbles. I dont' wanna keep
taking pills every night just so i can have a stupid 4
hour nap when that fuckin alarm wakes me up. I FUCKING

'Die Motherfucker Die!' lol. dances. such a good song.
okiedoke i'm outti. been typing this for like...35 munites
i think. so yea good night out there in cyberland.