listen to my silences
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2005-09-28 23:59:21 (UTC)

to jake

i love you. i know you know that, but i need to tell you
more than i do. you don't hear it enough.

i'm sorry. sorry for complaining as much as i have.
sorry for not appreciating what i have. sorry for not
always taking advantage of the time we do have together.
sorry for getting/staying lost sometimes. i'm working on

thanks. thanks for being as strong as i need you to be,
and sometimes stronger. thanks for talking to me and
listening to me.

so now, now that you're lost, let me be strong for you,
let me love you, let me be there for you, let me help you.

you've been so strong for everyone else
you don't have to be strong for you
that's why god put me in your life
remember what i said: i gotchyou

i know you're sad.
i know you hurt.
don't keep it inside.
it only makes it worse.

i'm so proud of you, jacob edward cooley. everything you
said and did this weekend just makes me admire you more
and more. you are amazing. and i am so proud that i am
yours and that you are mine. you make me stronger. you
make me a better person. just because of who you are. i
love you so much.

i'm here, big bear.
love you.
-little bear

final thought: i miss you, grandpa lynn