listen to my silences
2005-09-28 23:46:21 (UTC)


i am bored. the reason i wanted to come back to school
was to feel challenged. so much for that one. here's my
standing on tests so far:
econ: 94/100 (without going to half the classes)
accounting: 76/75 (how does that make sense?)
phil/logic: 98/100 (no studying)
computers: 60/60 (without my book, though we could use it)

so, i'm bored. if it weren't for the friendships i've
made this semester, i probably wouldn't even come to class.

i'm sorry, i guess i sound kind of conceited. i'm not
trying to, i'm just bored out of my mind.

other updates: lrsfest was fun. and interesting. but i
won't get into that. let's just say that my concert
hunger has been quenched for now. although i certainly
wouldn't object to going to another...

i got food poisoning a couple weeks ago. that was fun.
jake took care of me. aww...

yeah so that's pretty much it except for one thing. but
that goes in another entry.

final thought: it's where you are when you're who you are
that really matters