Autum's Leaves
2005-09-28 07:14:12 (UTC)

Mo Money

"Now I'm not saying she's a gold digger,
But she ain't messin with no broke niggaz"

Wow, it's been too long. Things are kinda getting a
little crazy for me, especially in regards to school. I'm
not going to all my classes all the time and I keep trying
to think I'm doing well, but I know I'm not. I just don't
like thinking I'm completely and utterly fucked. But then
again...I am. ha ha.

The Innocent Badass and I have been partyin it up like
mad. I've been smoking so many cigs lately I'm surprised I
haven't collapsed my own lung. But, then again, I never
smoke as much as all the true smokers smoke, which is
always an encouraging thought.

My roomate's gone, which is nice. But now any roomate
can move in any time they want to...which is in a way good,
because I'd like to meet new people, but sucks because I
don't want a roommate.

Last weekend...well, the weekend before last, we went to
Charlotte and partied it up. We decided to meet up with
this guy...haha, so we did and he was like...major frat
boy. But we drank a lot of his beer so I can't complain too
much. Anyways, so the Innocent Badass and I almost had
another threesome and I was like...look, I'm gonna go on
the couch 'cause I know you won't feel the same in the
morning. So I go out on the couch and the guy follows me.
We hook up, and it was all right. Gave me a chance to get
some of my stored up kink out, I dommed him up pretty good.
It was still fun.

Not had much time to get with any of my guys. The
Boarder im'ed me awhile ago, but that was all that
happened. Sucks. *sigh* But yeah...still having fun here in

Class and money are just my tough things...yeah those
things I need to live. I need to save up about seven
hundred to go to the Bahamas next Spring Break and my mom
wants me to keep at least a grand in my savings account.
Plus, now that I don't have my

I'm supposed to be getting a new one this weekend. I
think. The guy that's selling its wife is driving it...if
that makes any sense at all. So, we'll see. I'm hoping
everything works out. I was looking at kits for it all
night last night. I found a couple of full body kits for
about five, six hundred bucks, and I figure maybe I can
swing that sometime. My birthday's coming up soon and
Christmas after that, which is a good time for me to get

But's three in the morning and I've set my
clock for seven. I'm gonna get up and get some breakfast I
think, then come up here and study for math before I go to
class. Anyways, night friends.

"She gives me money...when I'm in need..."