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2005-09-28 03:12:54 (UTC)

Sunday and Monday and Today

So sunday. Remember how I was woken up by my mom saying
Grant came by and then I phoned his house and he wasn't
home? Well I found him a bit later on. I got off the
computer because Chelsea and Ben were coming to get me and
hang out for a bit. Then Kayla phoned and was like "Meet
me at the path because I have some cake from my birthday I
saved for you." And so I went and met her on the path. And
in the field behind my grandparent's house there was guys
playing football. And one looked kinda like Grant. And
well it was. So I was like "You should come to sev." And
he said to come get him when we were going. So then after
talking to Kayla for a bit I went back home and Ben and
Chelsea were there and silly Bennet locked his keys in his
car. So we went into my house while we waited for his dad
to come with the spare key. And then when we were standing
in my garage, just about to leave, Katie and Kayla came
up. And then two seconds later we heard skateboards and
there was Grant and Billy. It was totally a party in my
garage. So yeah. Then Grant and Billy left, then Katie and
Kayla did and then me and Ben and Chelsea drove off to
sev, where I bought everybody slurpees, and then we went
to Chelsea's. And so I hung out at Chelsea's for a bit and
that was quite fun. Then at like 5 I walked home. Then I
was in my room doing homework and whatnot and Grant came
over. It was so random. My mom was like "Grant's here."
And I walked out and he was in the kitchen leaning over
the railing watching whatever my mom and Danielle had been
watching. Some weird movie. Anyways. We came downstairs
and I taught him how to play Egg Mania. He's not too bad
at it but he does kinda suck. Annette is the funnest out
of everybody to play with. lol It's me and Annette's game-
what can I say? We're pros. hehe.

So then yeah. Grant's mom phoned and he was talking on the
phone with her and he was like "No mom I'm anorexic
now..." And when he hung up I was like "ok what happened?"
So apparently that morning him and Alex had gotten into a
fight or something so Grant left and came here, only well
I was asleep and nobody answered the door. So he went to
Billy's and then they got some guys together and played
football like all day. And he never went home. And he
hadn't eaten AT ALL. So I was like "Ok want food?" But he
wanted to play Mario Golf first. We played on a team
against two computerized people, and we beat them. Yes
good teamwork. lol. And so then we went upstairs and I
made him soup. And he ate it all. And then we went on the
computer and then he skateboarded home.
And that was pretty much my night.

Then monday. Chelsea came over in the morning cuz she has
a first block spare too. And we layed in my bed for like
an hour because we were tired. We're pretty cool. haha!
Then well school and whatnot. Nothing interesting there.
Then I got home from school and as usual I went to my room
to throw my bag on the bed and whatnot. And I was like "Ok
my bed looks wierd. Maybe Tuckie screwed it up or
something because that's where he was when me and Chels
left for school..." and then I ran into it and it was
hard. Beds and blankets are NOT supposed to be rock hard.
It's kinda scary when they are too. And I was like ok wtf?
And then I was like 'ok I just saw Michelle sitting on the
couch, Danielle's not home from school yet. Who the heck
is in my bed? Becky???' And so I was like "Whoever you are
get out of my bed!!!" And out from my blankets pops out
Kayla and Grant and Katie popped up from the floor and I
was like "YOU GUYS ARE LOSERS!" lol it was crazy. Oh man.
So they stayed over and we played spoons. Then Katie and
Kayla left and it was just me and Grant. And I had to walk
to Drivers Ed because my family had soccer. So I was
like "Ok Grant you're staying then and I'll walk you
home." So he stayed and we went on the computer and my mom
came down with supper (cheese buns) and I was sitting on
Grant's lap. lol. He stole the chair from me and I was
trying to type and standing just wasn't working out for
me. So I just sat on him. Nice time to enter mother. So
yeah. After that we played Mario Golf and Egg Mania again.
Then we left. And he skateboarded and I rollerbladed. Only
it was really slippery because it had rained. Good thing
it stopped. Only he doesn't know about my dream that has
to do with kissing in the rain. haha. Yes my dream is for
my first kiss to be in the pouring rain. But Grant doesn't
know about it so good. So I got there on time and that was
exciting. And it wasn't a bad class. Then my mom picked me
up and it was freezing cold outside and raining again. And
I was sad because she wouldn't stop by McDonalds and get
me fries. So yes.

Then today. I was late for school because I'm a dawdler.
And when I got home my mom was like "Did you skip school
today?" And I was like "What? OMG NOT AGAIN! (this
happened last year in Musical Theater when I wasn't paying
attention when they took attendance and so they didn't
think I was there and the office phoned home and my dad
was like 'Why'd you skip second block?') No I didn't I was
just late and I missed attendance." ARGH. lol It's a good
thing my parents just believe me and let it go. I've never
ever skipped in my life. I really should sometime though.
So anyways. Yeah. I almost fell asleep in math again
today. I really dislike that test. And on the test that I
studied for on sunday (ahem- not very much studying
happened) I got 7/17 on it. My dad wasn't too impressed.
lol I beat Kayla though! She got 4. Whatever Math's
reatarded. And I've already done it anyways. So yeah. Then
Chem wasn't bad. We did an in-class assignment and the
teacher helped so I think I did good. Then after I drew
Grant a map of how to get to the Nottingham Sobeys (he
started work today.) because he didn't know how to get
there. Only he'd already left by the time I got out of
chem, which was disappointing because it was a very
beautiful deatailed map. So anyways. Then I came home and
decided I should clean my room- so I moved it all around
and dusted it. I guess I'll have to vacuum it tomorrow
since I didn't do that. Haha I also decided I needed to do
the wash. So I did that too. I need to put my clothes in
the dryer when I get off the comp though. Then wash my
hair so I can straighten it tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll go
early and visit with Turney. Because after all I did tell
him I would. So I shall. And NOT be late and marked absent
again! lol.

Oh and Annette finished up our song tonight! The one I
wrote and she wrote the music for. And she also did the
bridge. Man I'm excited about it. Especially excited
because at first I'd only had one verse and the chorus,
then I added a second verse and I wasn't sure if it was
gonna work- but it did. So that rocks. I can't wait to
hear it! Then to start working on another one! YESSS!

I'm still mad at Jacqui though. Kayla send her back an
apology and I'm talking to Kayla right now and Jacqui
didn't apologize to her yet. And if you really think about
it- Kayla wouldn't have anything to apologize for if
Jacqui hadn't yelled at her in the first place. Totally
stupid. And then Kendra left this message on St. Jolivet.

i hope i have the right people, and if ive included you
and you are not involved i appologize. and if i forgot
someone..they better listen up!
can you please stop fighting over grant. all you do is
talk about each other behind each others backs because
of "who talked to grant" and " who likes grant"
agewise you are out of jr high so maybe you should take
that into consideration and act on it.
you are letting immaturity break up your friendships.can
you please just make up(and grow up!) so i dont have to
listen to this subject at home anymore. thanks..

We're not fighting over Grant. This isn't it AT ALL. See?
There Jacqui goes probably getting all worked up about THE
WRONG THING? Pretty much I'm ready to cry all over again.
ARGH. When has this ever been about fighting over Grant?
ummm...NEVER. Maybe ME fighting with my feelings over
Grant...but that's it. And that was just me. And also I'm
slightly pissed that even more people are getting dragged
into this. This whole thing started out with just Grant
and me and trying to figure things out between us. Then I
turned to my friends for advice and now look at it. This
whole thing is just making me mad all over again.


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