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2005-09-28 01:58:24 (UTC)

hmm...sexual tension

see i figure people can get horny, but its just goddamn
annoying to me that people have to relieve themselves of
sexual tension so much. This needs to be resolved, and
people generally need to keep their hormones under
control..let me offer me as an example

ok so basically im not a big jacker-offer..i usually go like
weeks and weeks without doing it because my view is that
sexual pleaseure should be done by only my gf because i want
to show to her that i only accept her sexual pleasuring (oh
how i wish it could be returned back, especially because i
went months without doing it too...6 in fact). Basically, my
view is that yes, you could jack off and think about your
girlfriend (which is the best that u can do) but i would
rather just only let her do that, becuase no matter how much
i may at any time want her, only i want her to fulfill my
sexual desires

funny though how it could never be the same way back...