Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-09-27 01:26:48 (UTC)

Confused? And dazed...

What the fuck just happened? And why is it still going on?

Who just broke up with who? Why are these fights never
ending seeming?

I wish ... I wish magic would save me. I wish I could snap
my fingers and live the perfect life.

After a little fight that didn't mean anything:

Amber: You know what? I'm starting to think of that break
thign a little more seriously.
Amber: Goodnight Nik.
Nik: Yeah, and maybe it shouldn't be temporary.
Nik: Goodnight Amber.

And now, after just DUMPING me, he's coming back telling me
that he loves me and such. If he didn't mean it, why did he
say it?

I meant what I said. He's being a dick, so am I, I know.
It's still going on right now, and I think I should get
back to it.

Mom if you read this before I wake up, please ... don't
make me bother leaving a note outside my door -.-.