Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-09-26 19:16:22 (UTC)

Jonno's leaving do- a classic fox night out!

Su went to Brio's with the rest of work for a meal & I
joined them later!!!! I sat in the restaurante whilst they
ate as the food had only just arrived when i got there. I
cio=onsume one or 2 glasses of wine courtesy of JD then we
all ernt to browns. In Browns I bumped into number 13-
quite (awkwardly) funny- he asked where i was going-
(which made me feel better) we then went to Quid on greek
street & started to feel really quite tipsy. from there we
went to courtyard & danced like idiots. a gut from work
said he has quite a crush on Su. Su was dancing with a lad
from work & obviously wanted my help to she karate kicked
me on the arse.... REALLY HARD!!!!! I now have the mother
of all bruises on my left cheek.... NICE!!! ha ha ha ha
ha!!! after this point it all becomes a bit sketchy- but it
invoved Su apparently nearly getting hit by some guy & DB
had to "save the day"!!! some bloke knocking over the fruit
machine & all the pound coins falling out & everyone
chasing after them & then the police came! a new girl from
work was asked to leave the premises (her initial "L"!!).
We then went to the town house (how I got there I really
dont know!) but I decided that I wanted to go see my
bouncer friends at jakes bar, talked to them for ages,
asked them about the bar man (they said if i went out with
him, they would never speak to me again!!) & dragged steve
down to the bar to dance!!!!I then thought I'd better go
home-& got the fight rider bus... I just got on without
paying so the bloke behind me paid my fair.... most
amusing!!!! I then walked home & woke up by myself in my
own bed.....with a huge hangover & a masive bruise on my
arse!!!!!!!!!! & I wonder why I'm single !!!! ha ha ha ha

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